Emergencies and Threats


Weather, War, Disease and Economic crisis can drastically alter any business.  Keep up to date with the latest disaster information and avoid being caught in the middle.


Here a number of Emergency Links


Weather and Natural Disasters

GM Contamination


Tropical Diseases

Crop Pests                              




Weather and Natural Disasters



The National Hurricane Center brings up to date and historical hurricane information. Go to www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics.html for direct visual images



Tropical weather and daily checking during hurricane season:



Was that a truck or was that an earth tremor last night? Check out all recent data on the National Earthquake Information Center for a subscription to immediate reports log into  http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/data_services/data_services.htm



United States drought information found here. Also definitions of drought and other related info.



Southern Africa Flood & Drought Network: Latest info on the South African Drought and food security in the Region.




This NASA site gives ample information of vegetation cover, pollution, temperatures, Global Warming with a large selection of clear satellite images.



Monitoring of volcanic activity around the globe.


http://home.wfp.org/epweb/    (restricted access, wfpgo and ep password required)

The Emergency Preparedness Web is a tool to support the corporate information management needs of WFP for emergency preparedness and response worldwide. mobile home / epbrowser ep


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GM Contamination (are fears justified?; make your own opinion)



This University of Georgia site provides tones of information on the true dangers and false rumors of GM foods. Do you have to worry? 


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One of the biggest threats to Economic Development in the Developing World. How does it affect you and your business?



The UN AIDS organization provides up to date information on the Spread of the HIV virus



A HIV-AIDS information page with info on prevention, treatment, living with HIV-AIDS.



Information site on HIV-AIDS with video presentations and treatment descriptions



Everything you always wanted to know about condoms but were afraid to ask


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Tropical Diseases



This very good site is aimed at the traveler who wants to be informed about risks of, and prevention of, illness in a tropical setting. Gives descriptions of many different diseases, indications and treatments as well as geographical data.



World Health Organization gives a wide variety of information on health related issues, prevention and prevalence.



What is that drug the doctor prescribed? Avoid using too strong or even dangerous drugs by checking your prescription on this very informative US government site.


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Crop Pests


University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program (UC IPM) develops and promotes the use of integrated, ecologically sound pest management programs. Very good source of information on all types of pests and control mechanisms



This WWW site will help to increase crop pest diagnosis and integrated pest management information capability among farmers of developing countries. Improvement in pest identification and pest biology and ecology will allow an increase in the adoption of IPM practices to control crop pest problems



Mom. Look at this cute little octopus”   heeelp!!! 

A list of poisonous plants and animals. An Australian based site full of surprises