Favorite Items

Guatemala Weaves

A limited collection of traditional weaves for the Highlands of Guatemala. From different villages, the Huipiles (shirts), skirts and shawls vary in patterns and color uses. All items are hand woven and again reflect the amazing skills of the women who make them. Some shirts can take over 6 months to weave.

Prices Range from 20-250 Euro

Gujarati Doors

Amongst my favorite items are the massive Indian Doors from Gujarat. Weighing more than 200 kg, the doors are formidable Coming with their proper frame the doors may be installed in a space of no less than 1.5 meters wide. An installed door can be seen in the shop serving as double protection against any would be thief.


We will give you free advice and assistance on how to install the twin doors at your request.


Installation of small Gujarati Door in Chicken Street(1994)


Price 1250-1600 EURO

Rajput Chests


Large intrinsically carved wooden chests, some on wheels, some colored red or blue, these chests formed a main wedding gift in Gujarati weddings, often filled with blankets, household items and clothes. The chests open in the front allowing adornment with plants or placement of other items on top.



Price: 350-1000 EURO

Hansa Coffee

Grown, Roasted and Packed in Sri Lanka, Hansa Coffee is of Supreme quality. Unlike most commercial coffee, Hansa Coffee is roasted close to the source ensuring freshness and a strong delicious taste. Hansa Coffee comes in 4 flavors,

Pure Arabica: 100% highland Arabica Beans with a Mocha flavor

Dark Arabica: Selected Arabica beans roasted dark, dark, dark

House Blend: A mix of Robusta and Arabica provides a very full flavored cup

Espresso Mix: 50% Robusta makes this a serious cup for those tired mornings



For more info: contact Hansa Coffee at lago@vinent.sl




Afghan Socks and mittens

Having personally sold hundreds of pairs in the cold winter months these thick hand-woven Afghan Socks are proven winter accessories. No two pairs are the same with different colors and patterns. There thick souls provide comfort biet in at home next to the heater or in a cold kitchen,


Price 6.50 EURO (wholesale price available)

For info contact: Naim Saleman: (31) 020- 6234211

Other Weaves and Textiles


We have a range of Indian weaves available. Block print and tie die Bed sheets of different sizes are a colorful addition to your bedroom. Saris, both used and new, are beautiful as drapes and curtains. Our collection of traditional weaves and clothing are both festive and interesting for the collector.



Raffia Cloth, Kuba, Democratic Rep. of Congo Woven segments from Guatemalan dresses


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