Chicken Street-Ethnographic Art: Langebrug 41, Leiden

Traditional goods and handcrafted items from Central Asia, North-West India, Vietnam, Guatemala, Ethiopia and other countries from around the world



The name ChickenStreet refers to the small winding street in Kabul. Originally a bazaar withchicken salesmen, it turned itself into the handicraft and antique market withthe coming of tourists in the early 70s. In the 80s and 90s most shop ownersfled to Peshawar Pakistan as the war with the Soviet Union intensified. In recent years many have returned to sell their goods to the thousands of Internationals working to rebuild the country


Chickenstreet-Ethnografiek aims to reflect the atmosphere of the original market. It is full, with items hiddenunder tables and in boxes. You are welcome to look around and with a bit ofbargaining one is sure to agree to the purchase of a fine and special item.





ChickenStreet- Ethnographic Art: Every item been bought personally in country of origin. Please ask for further information regarding any item. Shop Location: Langebrug 41, Leiden, The Netherlands


In our special showcase: In the center: black, red and mixed coloured Venetian trade beads from the 16th century. Left Corner: bone amulet hangers from Ethiopia and an Ivory ankle bracelet. Right. Amber beads




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Chickenstreet-Plastiek Antiek: Nieuwsteeg 19, Leiden

 a different concept, bringing forward a bright collection of chrome and coloured glass lamps, orange plastics and design furniture. .




Chicken Street-Plastiek Antiek.'70s design and Lacquerware. Address: Nieuwsteeg 19, Leiden, The Netherlands



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