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When one walks in the markets around the world one is surely to encounter fruits, vegetables and many other items that one has never seen before. Some of these could be marketed and sold in other places of the world with a significant profit for the producers


This page provides links to all kinds of products, processing information and potential buyers around the world. Furthermore these sites may provide new ideas or give insights in to products one has never foreseen to be marketable.



Fruits and Vegetables



Introduction to the Listing of Useful Plants of the World The aim of growing a new crop is to make money. Unfortunately, successful commercialisation of new crops is a high risk adventure. This Listing is intended as an aid for those new crop entrepreneurs choosing new crops for research and development in Australia. The Listing includes over 4200 plant species amongst which there may may be potential new crops. In most cases, these species are not currently commercial anywhere in Australia. Each species included has been associated somewhere in the world at some time in history with at least one useful product.


More than 1000 varieties of advocado are found around the world. Contains a variety of information on avocados including type of fruit, growing conditions, as well as an "ANSWERS to QUESTIONS" section for the backyard grower.



Founded in 1968, California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) is the largest amateur fruit-growing organization in the world, with members in 48 states and U.S. territories, and 30 countries. The worldwide membership of CRFG includes many nationally recognized botanical gardens, rare fruit enthusiasts, commercial fruit growers, and internationally recognized horticultural researchers. The organization has a general interest in all aspects of fruit growing with a primary focus on semitropical fruits and uncommon fruits and vegetables



A free market intelligence and technical information service for agribusiness professionals. AgribusinessOnline is brought to you as a free service by Fintrac Inc. as part of its mandate to disseminate market intelligence and new technologies to farmers and other agribusinesses worldwide..


Markteting organisation that assists small scale farmers in crop diversification and establishment of market linkages.



The California digital orchard with information and links on all kinds of fruits and nuts grown around the world.



The Tampa Bay Rare Fruit Council is a not-for-profit service and education oriented organization and provides info on fruits, where to get seeds and growing advice.



Information on a wide range of tropical vegetables and tubers


Spices and Herbs


A very good site giving latest wholesale prices on a large range of tropical spices and herbs



This site provides information on 113 different spices, provides a dictionary on spice terminology in different languages (Dutch, English, French, Latin, Russian, Italian and others) translated from their original-local names. Very useful.



Another spice encyclopedia site with different links to spice histories and other sites


Syrups and Honeys



The National Honey Board, with information on US and international prices. Gives info on import regulations and much more.



Find out about the different honey varieties as well as honey suppliers and potential buyers.



The most important contributor to syrup quality is cleanliness. Microorganisms, bacteria and yeast are enemies of high quality syrup, affecting both color and flavor. This site is for maple syrup but very useful for other syrups and honeys.





The International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS) seeks to further the cultivation of edible (including medicinal) macrofungi. It is non-political and non-profit making. The objectives of ISMS are the dissemination of information on new developments and the science of mushrooms and to stimulate exchange of new ideas between growers and scientists around the world



Production of mushrooms is completely different from growing green plants. A person considering mushroom production should become thoroughly familiar with the life cycles of fungi. Try this site for more info.


Bamboo and Wood



You know it is a useful product, but not that you can do this much. Australian bamboo site with loads of info and other links.



The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) is an international organization created by 26 Member States of the United Nations. Through a growing Network of participating organizations and individuals from all continents, INBAR develops and assists in the transfer of appropriate technologies and solutions to benefit the peoples of the world and their environment.










Few peoples have had such a close and long-standing relationship with bamboo as the Japanese. Bamboo has remained inextricably linked with the lives of the Japanese. But why bamboo? Try this out and find out why.



A wood company that gives wholesale prices on different tropical wood types